Rye Jehu is a young Belgian rock band from Ghent and was formed in the fall of 2002. They started off with five members and had not the faintest idea what music to make. The first year of jamming resulted in some nice sounds capes and lo-fi tunes, but at the end of year one, Rye Jehu became a three-piece band.
Today - 3 bass players, 4 amps and 13 twirlers later – Rye Jehu is still riding, recording and performing for their own entertainment. They have a mission, they have at least four fans and two groupies and they are playing at your community centre some time soon.
In 2005, they won the 'price of the public' of 'De Beloften', a rock contest in Gent. They got second place in the finals of 'Westtalent', another Belgian band contest and third place of Belgium finest Humo's Rock Rally 2006.

Rye Jehu describes their music as “a lump of rock 'n roll, a tiny bit of ska, a slice of surf, a sniff of melodrama and some homemade noise cake with a topping of psychedelic cream”.
Band Members
Wannes Eggermont: singer/guitars
Mario Govaert: drums
Pieter Van Mullem: guitars
Jonas van den Bossche: bass

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