Nicolas Daenens is born in Ostend, Belgium, in 1977. He moved to Ghent when he was 19 years old and started his studies at the Artevelde Highschool, where he obtained a bachelor in teaching French-History-Geography and a master in journalism. He also studied Film at the Academie in Sint-Niklaas, where he graduated in 2005.

After working as a journalist for a year and a half, he decides to give his career as a writer/director a chance and starts writing his own scripts.

“A Day in al Life “ is his first short film supported by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and his official debut as a filmmaker.



For twelve years now, An Larssen and Ief Stuyvaert are working together as perfect production-twins for their own production company Conception. Content is his responsibility, production is hers. Together they made several programs for Flemish television.


Director of photography

After studying at the prestigious RITS film school in Brussels, Lieven Van Baelen (°1973) worked as an accomplished colour grader. Making a natural progression, he soon became one of Belgium’s leading DoP’s, with a prolific career in music videos, commercials and fiction projects. In 1999 his short film ‘The Thread’ launched him as a highly sought after director, heading to new heights when CZAR in Belgium signed him for representation worldwide. He immediately won international prizes for the direction of the Dexia ‘Club Brugge’ commercial, a Eurobest award in London and a Gold Belgian CCB for best TV single. Lieven van Baelen is one of the most asked directors for commercials in Europe. Besides his work as a director, he still works sometimes as D.O.P for fiction films.