Johan Heldenbergh (°1967) is one of Belgium’s most authentic actors. He studied Drama at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp, where he graduated in 1993. Johan is above all a theatre actor. In 2003 he impresses the critics and public with ‘Massis, the musical’, a monologue he wrote himself about John Massis, a former bruiser from Ghent. Together with director Arne Sierens and actress Marijke Pinoy he founds Compagnie Cecilia in 2006. Their first production,‘Trouwfeesten en processen’, was premiered in June 2006.
Sometimes Johan also participates in movies. He’s probably best known for his roles in feature films like ‘Steve + Sky’, ‘Anyway the wind blows’ , ‘Vleugels’ and ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’.
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Sam Louwyck (°1966) is in the first place a dancer and choreographer. He participated in several national and international renouned performances. He created several own pieces like 'Flippers', 'October 13th', 'Allein is nur Allein' and '1-2-3 Propositions'. But Sam is much more then just a dancer / choreographer. He acted in several short films and videoclips and worked for directors like Christophe Van Rompaey, Lieven Van Baelen, Michael R. Roskam. He played aside Seymour Cassel in the infamous 'Theme from turnpike' clip directed by Tom Barman. He featured in 'Ex Drummer' by Koen Mortier and 'Any Way the Wind Blows' again by Tom Barman. Sam is currently residing in Portugal when not roaming the world.
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Mustapha Emran (°1980) is born in Morocco, but lives in Ghent, Belgium. In daily life, Mustapha is a taxi driver. He has no acting experience. ”A Day in a Life” is his film debut.


Pieterjan Vervondel (°1977) is a Belgian actor from Ghent. His first love will always be the theater. He is brought up in an artistic family with Alain en Pascale Platel among others. Sometimes he also is asked as an actor for short films. After ‘België-Turkije’ en ‘Gyri’, ‘A Day in a Life’ is his third appearance as an actor in a short film. Pieterjan is also a musician. He plays the drums in Madensuyu, a belgian rock band with a great live-reputation. In 2004 they won the third price at Humo’s Rock Rally, a competition for young belgian rock bands.

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Anton Cogen (°1946) studied at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent, where he graduated with highest distinction in drama. For over more than 30 years he worked both as an actor and a director for some of Belgian’s most respectable theatre companies. He’s also well-known for his numerous roles in radio and television: “Merlina”, “Beschuldigde sta op”, “Postbus X”, “Interflix”, “, “De Collega's”, “De Bossen van Vlaanderen”, “Het koekoeksnest”, “Caligula” and “De Paradijsvogels” are only a few of the productions where he appeared in.


Dominique Collet (°1975) is a young Belgian actress who graduated in 2001 at the Conservatory in Ghent, where she received a master in Drama. She is well known for her theatre roles in “Een Feeks temmen”, “Vermist”, “Wormgat” and “Hendrik V”, among others. Dominique also appeared in some of Belgian’s most known drama series like “Rupel”, “Kinderen van Dewindt” and “Flikken”.


Stefan Zajc (°1974) is a actor/director from Ghent with Slovenian roots. Last year he wrote and directed a multicultural play for Victoria Deluxe, “Stadskleur 6”, in which he also played a part.